A Parcel of Time

is a feature-length documentary.
Hope Mansell is a rural Herefordshire village with a population of around two hundred.
Between the summer of 2017 and the autumn of 2020, people of all ages took part in extended interviews to produce a portrait of a village at a time of change - a change in the life of the village which might well be the most significant in hundreds of years. The resulting documentary, A Parcel of Time, is available to rent or buy (links below).
Additionally, since a film cannot hope to tell all the stories of the 26 hours of interview. The official site also contains the full interviews, with transcripts and more, forming a kind of time capsule of the village as it was in that period and a piece of oral history.
For now, Hope Mansell is still a village of farms, but this is the story of all villages in England. Of many it's the past, of some it's the future: the transition from a community of farmsteads, to a community of incomers.
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The film is produced by Ian Lewis with music arranged and performed by David Cooper Orton from traditional tunes collected in Herefordshire by Ella Mary Leather.


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